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Ultimate checklist for sikh wedding

Best Checklist For Sikh Wedding

Organizing a wedding is a difficult task. It’s hardly a light meal for anyone. A Sikh wedding, in my opinion, requires a checklist to guarantee that everything is covered and nothing is left to chance.

There are various rites and customs that must be performed at a Sikh wedding. It is very advised that any Sikh bride create a checklist and begin going through it at least a year or sooner before the day of their wedding.

Sikh weddings may be quite huge affairs with several rites, all of which need meticulous organization. There are religious aspects to the Sikh wedding that must be addressed in order for the Sikh wedding to be valid under Sikh religious norms.

Then there are local procedures, such as civil wedding ceremonies, which are also necessary to guarantee that the wedding is legitimate in the jurisdiction.

What is required for a Sikh wedding?

To perform the religious ceremonies of a Sikh wedding, a Sikh Priest (Granthi) is required. Sikh weddings also need locations for the various rituals, food, ideally from caterers, and entertainment for the main wedding ceremony.

The Sikh Priest (Granthi)

Sikh weddings are religious occasions, and all marriages must follow the Sikh religion’s marital requirements. The Sikh wedding ceremony is officiated by a Sikh Priest, known as a Granthi.

If the religious portion of the wedding will be held at the Sikh temple, known as the Gurdwara, then the Gurdwara must be reserved. If the religious wedding ceremony is to be held at a non-religious location, then arrangements must be made to set up the wedding according to Sikh norms. Including organizing the Sikh Granthi and bringing them to the site.

Wedding venues can be confined to a single location, such as using a wedding hall for all festivities, or they might be distributed throughout numerous locations. Whereas the religious components of a Sikh wedding are held at the Sikh temple, all of the celebrations are held at other locations, such as a marquee at home for pre-wedding events and a hotel for post-wedding entertainment and festivities.

Consumption (Catering)

Cuisine is a significant aspect of Sikh weddings, and it is critical to ensure that the appropriate food is supplied for the appropriate ceremony. From the Milni’s Indian sweets and samosas to the three-course post-wedding dinner at the main wedding location.


Sikh weddings are rich and magnificent ceremonies, and having entertainment to celebrate is essential. Planning the entertainment entails ensuring that essential performers such as singers, ensembles, and instrument players are available and suited for the occasion.

Checklist for the Ultimate Sikh Wedding

The very first thing you should do is choose a wedding date!!!

After that, the rest will fall into place, and you will have plenty of time to do all of your duties without feeling rushed or worried. I’ve included a thorough list with criteria below. When I got married, I took most of the steps on this list and found it quite useful.

By following the procedures below, I ensured that nothing was overlooked and that all of the rituals and foundations were covered carefully. Nothing was left to chance, and my family and I worked together to make the greatest decisions for us. We found the best location that met our requirements and could accommodate the quantity of guests we had.

I never took anyone’s word for anything. I always made sure that I visited all of the places on my own first, and then when I had a short list, my parents would accompany me to the venues. Make sure you have a point of contact at each location.

Always pay a visit to all caterers, including the person or firm who will be producing your wedding cake. Above all, make certain that you sample the meals that your prospective caterers may provide. Examine the hygiene ratings of all venues and caterers.

Food is equally as essential as the setting during a wedding. Remember that the cuisine and location will be spoken about long after you’ve married. A nice venue and good cuisine will round off your wedding and guarantee that your big day is a major success.

Every time you confirm a booking, you must always get something in writing. Always read and completely comprehend the terms and conditions of any contract/agreement.

Ensure that each of your vendors provides you with written confirmation of their services, the day and time you require them, and so on. From the venues to the caterers to the cosmetic artists.

At the very least a year before your wedding

Working up the budget and thinking about the locations for the wedding and any events a year before the wedding is essential.

1. Budget

Establish an approximate budget for your wedding. Remember to set aside around half of your money for deposits. To secure your date, almost everyone will request a deposit.

The amount of deposit varies from firm to company and individual to person, therefore I cannot advise you on the specific amount you should set aside for deposits, but half of your budget should enough.

2. economics

If you need a loan to cover any of your wedding expenses, begin researching and applying for loans at several banks and building societies. Make certain that you read and thoroughly comprehend the contractual agreement for any loan you may ask for.

3. Insurance

This is also a good time to think about buying an insurance coverage. This is a more current and trendy cover that some couples choose. This is an excellent approach to protect your finances and guarantee that you do not lose any deposits you have made.

It can provide wedding insurance coverage for venue cancellations, supplier failure, or if you need to reschedule for any unforeseen reason. Weddings are all incredibly expensive, and Indian/Sikh weddings may easily cost thousands of dollars. It makes sense to insure yourself financially.

Before signing any agreements, make sure you have read all of the legal documents and properly understand what is covered, as well as that the insurance policy fits all of your needs and expectations.

4. Wedding at a Gurdwara

For the religious rituals, you will need to hire the Gurdwara or find an appropriate location to have your wedding that can accommodate the religious parts of the wedding, regardless of where you are being married.

If you decide to hire a Gurdwara, be sure they have the necessary licences to perform your wedding. Depending on where you reside, certain Gurdwaras have been granted legal powers, allowing their ceremonies to be defined as adequate without the requirement for an extra civil wedding.

5. Civil Marriage

If the Gurdwara cannot officiate your civil wedding, then choose a day and location for your civil wedding and reserve a venue or civil wedding office. You’ll end up with two weddings: a holy Sikh wedding in the Gurdwara and a civil ceremony.

You must first pick which rituals will take place outside of your family’s house. This will give you an estimate of the size of the venues you might require. Make a list of all wedding ceremonies, both before and after the wedding.

6. Locations

Make a list of all the places that interest you. This is vital since you need a plan, and a list provides you an idea of how many locations are available and makes it simpler to select which ones can be visited on the same day and which ones are further distant and would take more time to travel to.

Contact the venues and determine their capacity to ensure they match your purpose and requirements. Make a list of potential locations and set up viewing appointments. It is critical that all parties involved personally visit the locations and speak with the individuals who work there.

Don’t just take someone else’s word for it that the venue will suit you. Learn about their cancellation procedures as well.

Keep in mind that venues will want a deposit to confirm your appointments. Make certain that you sign and thoroughly understand every deal you sign.

7. Chefs and caterers

If your venue does not have in-house caterers, take advantage of this opportunity to meet and try delicacies from several caterers. Caterers should be able to collaborate with you to create a menu.

You should always ask to sample the products to check that they are not only capable of providing you with your meals, but that they are also wedding worthy, and that the dishes are of the greatest calibre and quality.

Always be certain that you have obtained some type of official agreement and that you fully understand what you are signing for and the terms and conditions.

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