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Decorating Thali for Rakshabandhan

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Traditional Thali decoration is one the most important part of rakshabandhan. All you need is to follow these simple and small steps to decorate your thali.

1. Opt for a silver or a brass thali, as they are auspicious metals. If not available, you can opt for any thali you have.

2. Make a swastika or a om in the centre of thali.

3. Now take 2 small containers, preferably silver or brass (if not available you can have any available containers), to put roli and chawal in them.

4. Take a earthen diya with baati and some ghee in it and out it in the centre of thali.

5. Keep the rakhis to be tied on wrist of brother in one side of thali.

And this how your traditional thali for Rakshabandhan is all set.

You can also opt for many decorated thalis available in the market or you can also opt of DIY's to decorate thali by yourself.

Fascinating art by Rupali is a beautiful platform for learning DIY's

If you don't have time for making rakhis and are looking for some readymade designer Rakhis, then do have a look at range available at Vishakha Collections.

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